Aerial Tree Service: Our service equipment is able to reach even the highest trees growing in our area. We offer a wide range of tree services, our experienced and trained staff provides professional service at an affordable price.  We will work with you to evaluate your project and determine the best approach to managing and caring for your trees. 

Tree Removal: Whether you’ve got a dead or damaged tree or you want a better view, you can depend on Lakes Trees for safe tree removal services! We know that sometimes trees are critical, and they need to be removed with utmost care and professional attention. If you’re looking for a local tree removal company, reach out today!

Tree Trimming: You don’t want your trees to be in bad condition. Your trees deserve professional attention that ensures they grow healthy and strong. We’re dedicated to providing residential and commercial clients quality trimming services in the Minnesota Lakes Area area. Our tree trimming services are focused on removing limbs and branches that can be out of control and represent potential damage to your property.

Stump Grinding: Leaving stumps in your property can increase the occurrence of fungus, insects, and other pest infestations. Stumps left in the ground present tripping hazards and mowing problems You can avoid all these potential accidents by having the stump removed quickly and efficiently. It’s recommended that you get rid of the stumps to avoid any possible hazard on your property. When you need stump grinding services in the Lakes Area, you can turn to Lakes Trees, LLC.

Stump Removal: There are plenty of reasons to have Lakes Trees remove stumps from your property. The most common reason is to improve the lawn’s aesthetics by removing an unsightly stump. A lawn without stumps is safer for running and playing, and removing the stump gets rid of a tripping hazard.

Insects and rodents are attracted to stumps. When we remove the stump, we deprive them of a potential home in your yard. Getting rid of a stump also prevents it from sprouting and trying to grow back. Let us help you make the most of your lawn, call Lakes Trees, LLC today for prompt stump removal.

Brush Removal: Lakes Trees brush clearing service is quick and efficient offering immediate results of
opening up your land giving you usable space. Mulching the overgrown trees and saplings and brush them smooth, flush to the ground making it easy to maintain in the future if brush or trees begin to spring up again.

Storm Cleanup: We offer emergency after hours and storm cleanup. Our crews will remove trees from homes, drive ways, and cars. Don’t wait to get your property back in order after a storm. Get in touch with the Lakes Trees for prompt storm damage repair services!

Our Commitment to You: Lakes Trees, LLC is committed to providing exceptional tree trimming and pruning services in the Minnesota Lakes Area contact Lakes Trees, LLC. Our professional crews and fully equipped to provide you with careful, efficient tree management.

You can depend on us for pruning and trimming services for any purpose.

  • Safety
  • Aesthetics
  • Construction and development
  • Storm damage

We will gladly serve residential, commercial, and municipal clients, and we strive to build our reputation on providing safe, reliable pruning services. For your free quote, please contact us.